Update 1.9.1 Release Notes

We all waited for this update to see and try new options! Added a universal adjustable Style for all nations. Players can select and replace Camouflage, Emblems, and fonts of tactical numbers. Added the Berlin map. The Standard and Encounter Battles types are available. The map is available for playing in vehicles of Tiers IV-X. Disabled the Encounter battle type for the Empire's Border map.

Fixed the issue:

  • of improperly displayed vehicles that drowned.
  • when a vehicle with a high top speed would get stuck in an upright position when hitting an obstacle.
  • of track repairs completing too quickly for the Т54Е1.
  • of the volume of the vehicle destruction sound being too low.
  • of the missing Marks of Excellence on the guns of the A-20 and the Covenanter.

In the Vehicle Customization section are next changes:

  • Added a new customization element: Progressive Decals. They change their appearance as the player progresses through certain objectives.
  • Added the functionality to edit some styles. Now players can:
  • Add Progressive Decals that can be received for, and improved by, completing certain conditions
  • Replace/hide elements the new styles include
  • There will be Projection Decals (square and rectangular ones) for all Tiers.
  • Now national Emblems can be removed from adjustable Styles. When creating your own Style, actions with Emblems remain unchanged.

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